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Apostille - International Document Authentication

Apostille – International Document Authentication Are you looking for Apostille services near you? We provide Apostille Agent services for authentication of your important documents for international use. Here at The Notary Seal we are able to provide Apostille Authentication Services for all 50 states and Federal Level. No matter which state or federal agency you document originates. This is vital records such as: Birth certificate, Death and Marriage Certificates, Special Power of Attorney, College Transcripts, or other vital business documents. We can also translate these documents in over 100 languages. For Fast and Professional Apostille Services in Fairfax choose The Notary Seal.

3 Step Process


Bring your document to our office or send it by mail for Apostille and translation services (as needed).


Once we receive your document, we will process the apostille (timeframe varies by state)


You pick up the document from our Office OR We send the Apostilled document back to you OR to the international address you provided (at discounted shipping rate of up to 30%).

Additional Benefits:

– Save up 30% on international shipping

-Our consultations are free with no obligations

-Speak directly to an experienced Apostille Specialist

-No additional cost for rework if rejected for any reason

Now you can find a notary without all the hassle.

Whenever you need it, we can notarize your important papers anywhere in the country.Someday, you’ll have to authenticate a document. You could get one of these documents in the form of a power of attorney, a medical document, a business agreement, a real estate deed or a will.

Getting these documents notarized used to mean taking time out of your busy day to find a notary public. You can never be sure of finding a signing agent at these places, which can be frustrating.Introducing Superior Notary Services, a mobile notary service that comes to you at your ease.

There have already been thousands of people helped from The Notary Services across the country. Are you ready to be the next?

Choose Package
State Level Apostille

/On First

Document Translation

Federal Level Apostille

/On First

Document Translation

Embassy Legalization/Authentication (Non-Hague)

/On First

Document Translation

*For discount pricing on additional apostille. Must be for same state, federal agency, and/or Embassy and processed at the same time. Additional cost may apply to some documents based on their processing requirements. Final cost will be determined on invoice prior to Apostille beginning. In rare cases, additional costs may be discovered due to new requirements. If this happens, we will inform you as soon as we are made aware.


Frequently Ask Questions

For use internationally, a document must have an apostille, which is a certification that verifies its legitimacy. You may need it for legal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts when dealing with foreign authorities.

The processing duration fluctuates based on the nature of the document and the specific destination country. Typically, the timeline can range from a matter of days to several weeks.

Certainly, our experienced team can assess your document and guide you on whether it requires an apostille and the specific steps to follow.

Yes, we provide tracking options, so you can stay informed about the status of your apostille request from submission to completion.

More than 120 nations that have ratified the Hague Apostille Convention accept the apostille. We can provide information on specific countries if needed.

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