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Apostille Services Available for All 5o States

Apostilles & Document Authentication

Are you looking for Apostille services near you? We provide Apostille Agent services for authentication of your important documents for international use. 

At The Notary Seal, we can provide Apostille Authentication Services for all 50 states and the Federal Level. No matter which state or federal agency your document originates. 

This is vital records such as Birth certificates, Death and Marriage Certificates, Special Power of Attorney, College Transcripts, or other vital business documents. We can also translate these documents into over 100 languages. 

For Fast and Professional Apostille Services for any State for Use in most Countries both Hague and Non-Hague Countries Apostille Services in Fairfax choose The Notary Seal.

We have two Offices located in Fairfax & Fredericksburg, VA for walk-in Apostille Services in Fairfax OR walk-in Apostille Services in Fredericksburg.  For more information, see FAQ below.


Mail-in Apostille & Authentication Services Available for all other locations throughout the United States.

3 Step Process


Bring your document to our office or send it by mail for Apostille and translation services (as needed).


Once we receive your document, we will process the apostille (timeframe varies see below).


You pick up the document from our Office 


We send the Apostilled document back to you at a Domestic (FEDEX) or International address by DHL (Up to 30% Discount)

Our Package

State Apostille


Per Document


Document Translation

Federal Level Apostille

Per Document

Document Translation

Embassy Legalization/Authentication (Non-Hague)


Per Document


Document Translation

*Discounts are available for multiple documents being processed for the same state, federal, or embassy on a case by case basis. Typically, discounts are available for (4) four or more documents. However, this is not guaranteed. 


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Frequently Ask Questions

For use internationally, a document must have an apostille, which is a certification that verifies its legitimacy. You may need it for legal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts when dealing with foreign authorities.

Apostille is refers to documents that are legalized for use in a country this part of the Hague Convention (shorter process). While Authentication or Legalization, refers to the process of legalizing a document for use in Non-Hague Country. This always requires final authentication from the Embassy. (Longer Process) 

A list of Hague Countries can be found here

The processing duration fluctuates based on the nature of the document and the specific destination country. Typically, the timeline can range from a matter of days to several weeks.

Certainly, our experienced team can assess your document and guide you on whether it requires an apostille and the specific steps to follow. Just reach out to us via email, chat, or by phone.

Typically, you we are only able to tell a general timeframe for processing the document. This can sometime vary based on the Government Agency.  However, feel free to contact us for a status and we will let you know if it is still processing or ready for pickup.

More than 120 nations that have ratified the Hague Apostille Convention accept the apostille. This list can be found here

Any country not listed require a more extensive authentication/legalization process, which requires the Embassy to provide final authentication of the document. 

Hague Country vs. Non-Hague Country refers to several countries that agreed upon a uniformly acceptable way of processing documents for authentication purposes during one a number of Hague Conventions. The Countries that agreed to the process are referred to as Hague Countries, while those who did not agree or were not part of this convention are referred to as Non-Hague Countries. A list of Hague countries can be found  here. Any country that is not on this list is a Non-Hague Country. 

This is important because it determines the process and timeframe for processing your document. For country that are part of the Hague Convention, the document only needs to be processed from the place or origin. For example, a birth certificate originates from the state, so it would only need to be apostilled at the state. 

However, for documents that will be used in Countries that are not part of Hague Convention, the document will need to be processed at the point origin, then the US Department of State, and finally at the Embassy.  This process is called an Authentication or Legalization. For Example, a marriage certificate originates at the state level, so it will need to authenticated at the state, then US Department of State, and finally at the Embassy. 

A list of Hague Countries can be found here. Any country not listed is considered a Non-Hague. 

No. While a notarization may be required as part of the Apostille process, it is not part of the same as a notarization.  Notarization can be completed by a notary. While Apostilles require additional verification by a state, federal and/or Embassy. 


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