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Notary Training

Our years of experience have led us to create a notary training program to help notary publics better understand their role and how to attract customers. The Notary Seal offers three different training courses:

Essential of Notary Public (2 Hours)

The Essential of Notary Public training is intended to give a quick overview on being a Notary. This training includes:


* Types of Notarizations

* Proper verification

* Required Notary language

* Commonly Notarized documents

* Document that Notaries are prohibited from notarizing

* How to complete your Notary Journal

* Fees

* Notary Q&A

Notary Training Pricing


Essential of Notary Public


Full Notary Signing Training Course


RON Training Session

Full Notary Signing Agent Training Course (2-Day)

The Full Notary Signing Agent Training includes everything that comes with the Essentials of Notary Public with the additional training on becoming a Notary Signing Agent where you able to do mortgage closing in which there is a higher earning potential. This training includes:

* Everything in Essentials of Notary Public

* Understanding Common Mortgage Documents

* Step to completing a mortgage closing

* Real life example of Scenarios

* Top 10 Errors

* Role Plays

* Practice Exams for Notary Signing Agent

* Steps to become a NSA Equipment and

* Credentials Needed to become a NSA and more

RON Training Session (1 Hour) (VA Commission Only)

The Remote Online Notary (RON) Training Session is a live online (1) hour one-on-one session with a experienced notary public. In this session, the coach will complete the following:

* How to get an electronic stamp

* How to get a digital signature

* How to apply for your RON eNotary Commission

* Q&A on being a eNotary

Additional Benefits

-Our live, online 2-day training is offered at convenient hours

-Guaranteed certification with completion of the course

-We offer free, no-hassle consultations


Frequently Ask Questions

Becoming a notary public can open up various opportunities, including offering notary services, enhancing your resume, and providing valuable assistance to your community.

The age requirement for notary training varies by state.

Your pace and the particular training needs in your state will determine how long the program will take.

Yes, you can usually retake the notary exam if necessary. Our training program will prepare you thoroughly for success.

We offer ongoing support and resources to assist you in your role as a notary public, ensuring your success in the field.

Notary Training

  • Receive live training at convenient hours
  • Gain the skills you need to succeed
  • Free one-on-one session included ($100 Value)