Who Is A Notary Fairfax VA and Top 4 Benefits Of Notarization

Notary publics and their services both play a significant role in America. The word “Notary” is something you hear every time you think of getting any of your documents notarized when you purchase a new land or when you plan to go study abroad. This is because Notaries nowadays play an important role in almost every industry, whether it’s education, immigration, or any other type of business.


In this modern era, where remote online notarization is successfully working and Notary Fairfax VA is helping people remotely in many places, you may wonder if typical notaries are still necessary or not. Well, you should know RON has not permanently replaced the notary public.


Both of these services hold their own significant place, and both have their own pros and cons. Hence, notary Fairfax VA offices are still full of clients as they were before.


All about Notary Fairfax VA, Benefits Of Notarization & Its Limitations 

Everyone must know about notaries, notarization, its benefits, and limitations; hence, In this blog, we will have a comprehensive view of what is a Notary Fairfax VA, the four benefits of notarization, and its limitations step-by-step. First thing first, let’s discuss who is a Notary.


Notary Fairfax VA

A notary Fairfax VA is an individual commissioned by the secretary of state to witness the endorsement of legal documents that are used during the proceedings of buying properties, selling properties, acquiring licenses, and many other proceedings. The main task of the notary is to verify if the documents are authentic and witness the endorsements of legal documents.


Legal documents used during any legal proceeding are notarized in order to stay free from any fraud, ensuring the truthfulness of the proceedings. The notary Fairfax VA then classifies the parties who have signed the documents to verify if both parties have signed that document or agreement intentionally and unforced on their own will.


What Do Notary Fairfax VA Do?

A notary is commissioned to check if the legal documents submitted to them are not fakes and ensure a reliable environment for both parties to come to an agreement. However, to get those legal documents notarized, they must be formed in a way that meets the requirements set by the law for notarization.

Some of these requirements include:

  • Yourself
  • Other Signers
  • Valid Identification
  • The Documents You Need To Get Signed


Once the notary verifies that all legal requirements for the documents are met, the notary grants the notarial certificate and affixes the seal of the notary on the document. However, there are two scenarios where the notary can refuse to carry out the notarization process.

  • The legal requirements for the documents set by the law are not met
  • The other signers failed to identify themselves, or they looked suspicious to the notary with their identities.


As discussed, notaries publics offer notarization for a wide range of documents and many other duties. Some of the other responsibilities of a notary include the following:

  • Memorandum of understanding documents
  • Commercial leases
  • Property construction loan agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Loan documents and Credit reports
  • Passport applications
  • Affidavit
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Vendor contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Financial statements
  • Court documents
  • Mortgage closing documents


4 Benefits Of Notarization

Almost everyone, at minimum once in life, stands in need of notary services. The whole process of notarization is indeed a taxing task, but still, they have to depend on notarizations as it is mandatory for many legal proceedings and provides satisfaction by safeguarding many legal transactions.


Getting your document notarized has many benefits; however, there are four significant benefits that are discussed below:


The Receiving Party Gets Satisfied As The Signers’ Identities Are Properly Verified

The notarized documents having a seal and signatures satisfy the receiver as they know that the identity of the signer of the documents was verified in a detailed manner by following ways:

  • By checking their photo ID issued by the government
  • By the possibility that the receiver knows the signer personally
  • By having faith in the oath of a valid witness.


The Receiving Party Gets Satisfied As The Signers Signed The Document On Their Own Free Will

To make sure that the signer is signing the document of their own free will, the notary Fairfax VA notices their movements and behaviors, or they may also ask directly if they are signing the document of their own free will. The notary then also observes the answer, and if they feel suspicious, the notary can refuse to carry out the notarization.


By Notarization, A Private instrument is Transformed Into A Strong Public Instrument.

A notarization process completes with the completion of the notarial act, and the act is further attested that it is done under the given instruction by law. That document is now accepted anywhere in the world, as it is attested by a state’s authorized person. This document may used for the following purposes:

  • For immigration purposes
  • For study-abroad purposes
  • To purchase, lease, rent, or sell property
  • Financial proceedings
  • Business deals
  • And many more


Less Risk Of Fraud.

The absence of notarization can potentially give massive rise to fraud in numerous industries that depend on notarization in many legal transactions. With the help of the state’s commissioned notary public, it can be determined whether the signatures made by the signer are executed with full intentions and with their own free will.


These notary Fairfax VA officers are totally neutral and impartial. They have no reason to lie in court for a person they don’t even know. On the contrary, if private individuals were to execute notary duties, they surely have plenty of reasons to be biased and put forward false data in court.


Limitations Of Notarization

A notarized document only states that the signer went through all the legal requirements, including oaths and acknowledgments. However, it doesn’t prove that the data in the document was totally accurate and correct. If a document states false data and is incorrect, it cannot become valid and lawful after getting notarized.

What a notary Fairfax VA does is check the identity of the signer and see if they are doing it freely just to help you and the public. Loopholes can be found here too.


The Notary Seal 

The Notary Seal is a top-tier notary services provider catering to Fredericksburg VA, Fairfax VA, and Richmond VA. We understand how important it could be for you to get your documents notarized in a timely manner.

Hence, we offer the most reliable and efficient notary services. From apostille to fingerprinting to translation to notary to DNA testing, we offer all at competitive costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What does it mean to be notarized?

Notarization is a process that makes any private document into a public document by increasing its authenticity all over the globe.


How do you get notarized?

The steps to get your documents notarized include:

  • Select the document
  • The document should be complete
  • Valid Signers
  • Valid ID of you and your signers
  • The physical presence of all signers


How much time is required to get a document notarized?

It takes more or less 30 minutes for a typical notarization. However, the time depends on the number of documents and the smoothness of your processing.




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